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Teaching Children Their Self-Worth

By JRenee Heimerman

Tommy’s ABCs

Children’s Book For Grades K to 3, Activities For All Ages

Tommy is furious with himself. He thinks he’s stupid because he didn’t play basketball well in gym class. His mom teaches him a new game. She explains that words have a great deal of power, and what you say after the words “I AM” will influence your mood and affect how you behave.

By JRenee Heimerman

The ABCs of Rose

Children’s Book For Grades K to 3, Activities For All Ages

Rose is teased at school and feels bad about herself. When her Mom hears her crying, she decides to teach Rose how powerful words are when they follow the words I AM. Rose learns that she has the power to determine how she feels about herself, not the kids at school that bully her.

Award Winner

This book became an instant favorite for us and we’re delighted to have the honor to have this amazing book listed on our wall of fame. We are so proud to share what we think about JRenee’s little gem of a book. Click Here to learn more about a book that can uplift and inspire your kids!–ReadingWithYourKids.com

Praise for Tommy’s ABCs


This is a very good lesson for kids in this time of bullying and making others feel bad about themselves.


The lesson in this book came at a very valuable time because my daughter was experiencing some similar issues as Tommy.


I loved the concept of this book. Teaching children to have positive self-talk is extremely important in today’s society.

Praise for The ABCs of Rose


This book is BEAUTIFUL!
I really love the lesson it portrays for little kids.


My son and I both got lost finding our own Power Words. Thanks Renee!


I say BRAVA! This charming little storybook is going to make a huge impact!

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